MiniCM Mobile

nobodyAtall released the fifth version of his .32 Kernel!
Here's the changelog:
- cypress: fix touchscreen driver for shakira
- synaptics: disabled dt by default to avoid 'ghost touch' side-effect
- ramdisk improvements for smaller ramdisk and faster booting
- new .32 usb drivers for ICS/JB mtp support
For the Full changelog and more Informations, check out the xda-Thread!
mimmi robyn shakira

MiniCM10 Update

MiniCM10 was updated to Version 4.1.0!
Here's the changelog:
- Latest CM 4.1.2 android code (many improvements)
- Support for kernel
- Disable auto-convering of sms to mms
- Fixed black screen on wakeup
The Full Changelog is available on xda, so head over.
mimmi robyn shakira

nAa-jb-Kernel Update

nobodyAtall's Jelly Bean Kernel was updated to Version 03 and provides now even better performance and stability.
The ramdisk was changed and the Process memory allocator(pmem) was decreased to provide more RAM. This increases the stability.
The camcorder got a bit more pmem to work flawlessly.
Last but not least, the was Ramdisk updated.
For more information and download Links, head over to xda.
mimmi robyn shakira

MiniCM9 Update

MiniCM9 was updated to Version 3.0.5 and nobodyAtall fixed the last bugs and now everything works!
MiniCM9 is now based on CyanogenMod 9.1
- Working HW Video encoder/decoder
- YouTube HQ
For the full changelog and more informations head over to xda!
mimmi robyn shakira

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